Mein Trumpf

I read a bunch of tweets one morning about how if you replace the word "Muslims" with "Jews" in Donald Trump's speeches, he starts to sound like a spitting image of Hitler. Then I thought, instead of just telling people to imagine this, why isn't there something that automates the comparison?

I reached out to a programmer friend, and in about 2 hours we had launched the "Mein Trumpf" Google Chrome Extension. Mein Trumpf replaces a select group of words in articles about Donald Trump to illustrate in a satirical, disturbing way how much his rhetoric sounds like Adolf Hitler. Check out a couple samples of the extension in action below — and once you install it, give it a whirl with this article.

NOTE: Mein Trumpf may not work 100% perfectly in every instance in all articles, but it should paint enough of the picture to disgust you. That’s the point.