Fighting Hate In Our State

North Carolina's infamous "Bathroom Bill," formally House Bill 2, is tallying up a cost of $3.7 billion in economic losses for the state. A wrongheaded piece of legislation about fear of transgender people sneaking into women's bathrooms to accost children, it aims to invade people's underwear in the name of safety — when, really, it's effectively pillaging our back pockets. So instead of just bitching about it on social media, we at The Variable launched Careolina, a licensed merchandise brand movement to put the care back in North Carolina. With every purchase of Careolina apparel, 50% of the profits go to organizations fighting hate in our state. As partner brands join the cause, 25% of profits from their products' purchases will do the same.

Here are the brand elements and some of the items we launched with...all designed and hand screen-printed in-house. Copywriting by yours truly and Matteson Fields, with art direction and design work by David Jones, Josh Carnley, Matt Cook and Justin Jackson.

Get your Careolina gear at here.