We were tasked with rebranding Soffe, an athletic clothing brand known only for youth cheerleading and old school cotton shorts. The company was poised to launch an entire new line of fit-to-fashion apparel that aspired to be in the consideration set of the Lululemons of the world.

Our answer? Certainly not another "I am a warrior" egocentric message. Rather, harness the power of the collective. The truth that women are better and stronger together than individually. Hence, The Strength Is In Us rebranding campaign.



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Using Multiple Posts to Make a Bigger Image is so Last Year. How Do You Plus That? 

Revealed one-by-one 15 minutes apart, each of the 24 posts pictured above became a word to the campaign manifesto. Each post also had a caption with stats and facts to inspire women to team up with each other. Combine this execution with paid influencers on campaign launch day, and it reinforced Soffe's identity not just on Instagram but in all social platforms.


In a world where 93 million selfies are snapped each day, Soffe stands in stark contrast as the female collective voice.

We created #TheUsProject to activate the brand across social channels.

We also launched some new apparel reflecting the brand ethos.

After all, Soffe is an athletic clothing brand.